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Chaparral Concrete Equipment offers a large variety of used and new cement mixer trucks, portable concrete batch plants, concrete pump trucks, Trailerized Concrete Pumps, Used Tractors and used Trailers, used concrete batch plant components, and other equipment. We have several makes and models of used concrete mixer trucks including Mack, Mobile Mixers, MTM (McNeilus) mixer bodies, Oshkosh, IH, Peterbilt, FORD, CAT, 10 yard, 10.5 yard standard drums. We have several makes and models of Used Bridge/Booster Mixer Trucks including Mack, Housby, Freightliner, 11 yard, Dual Pushers, Bridgemaster. You will also find in our inventory Concrete Pump Trucks available including Putzmeister 36M, Schwing, and Reich RCP. Trailerized Concrete Pumps and New and Used Concrete Batch Plants and Components can also be found here.

Equipment Inventory Page

**Please make sure to contact Chaparral Concrete for the most current equipment inventory.
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Revolvedoras Usadas 6X4

2005 Sterling Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationKS_2005_Sterling_10_yd_1KS2005Sterling10 yd

2004 MACK GRANITE CV-713 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2004_Mack_CV-713_2TX2004MackCV-713

2004 Mack DM690 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2004_DM690_EM7_300_MTM_10.51TX2004DM690EM7 300MTM 10.5

2003 Sterling Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationKS_2003_Sterling_10YD_CUM_3003KS2003Sterling10YDCUM 300

2002 Mack RD690S Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2002_RD690S_MTM_10.5_YD_EM7_Engine1TX2002RD690SMTM 10.5 YDEM7 EngineMaxi Torche

2001 Mack DM690S Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2001_DM690_SP_EM7_MTM_10.52TX2001DM690 SPEM7MTM 10.5

2001 Mack DM690S Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2001_DM690S_MTM_10.5_YD_EM7_Engine4TX2001DM690SMTM 10.5 YDEM7 EngineMaxi Torche

2000 & 1999 VOLVO WG64 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2000_Volvo_WG64_CUM_ISM_Eaton_Fuller2TX2000Volvo WG64CUM ISMEaton Fuller

1999 / 1998 Mack DM690S Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_1999_DM690S_EM7_MaxiTorche7TX1999DM690SEM7MaxiTorche

1999 Mack DM690S Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_1999_DM690_10.5_YD_MTM_1TX1999DM69010.5 YD MTM

1999 Mack DM690S Concrete Mixer Truck S&P

View More InformationTX_1999_DM690_SP_EM7_7TX1999DM690 SPEM7

1997 International Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_1997_INTL_CUM__9LL7TX1997INTLCUM 9LL10.5 MTM

2016 Peterbilt Concrete Mixer Trucks NEW

View More InformationAR_2016_567_PX9-380_Allison_Auto10AR2016567PX9-380Allison AutoCall for more info

1999 International Concrete Mixer Truck w/ Booster

View More InformationOK_1999_International_w__booster_MTM_11yd1OK1999Internationalw/ boosterMTM 11yd

1999 International Paystar 5000 with Booster

View More InformationTX_1999_Paystar_CUM_ISM_Eaton1TX1999PaystarCUM ISMEaton10.5 YD MTM

1998/1999/2001/2003/2004 Oshkosh S Series Front Discharge Mixer Truck

View More InformationOH_98-04_OshKosh-S_11_YD_Mixer_Cummins6OH98-04OshKosh-S11 YD MixerCumminsAllison Auto

2007 / 2006 Advance FRONT DISCHARGE Mixer Truck

View More InformationGA_2007_2006__4_axle_6_axle10GA2007/20064 axle6 axle

Revolvedoras Usadas 6X4

2007 Terex Front Discharge Mixer Truck

View More InformationOH_2007__6_axle_Allison_Auto2OH20076 axleAllison AutoCAT C-13

2008 Durakrete Volumetric Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2008_2009_Durakrete_10_yd_60_yd_hr2TX2008/2009Durakrete10 yd60 yd/hr

Revolvedoras Usadas 6X4

2009 Cemen Tech 3 Yard Volumetric Mixer

View More InformationCA_2003_INTL_4200__1CA2003INTL 4200

1999 Strong 10 yd Volumetric Mixer

View More InformationCT_1999_Strong__Mack_Truck_1CT1999Strong Mack Truck

Plantas de Concreto y Componentes (NUEVAS)

NUEVA 2014 SoLo 10S Planta Dosificadora de Concreto (Semi-Portatil) 10 yardas

View More InformationTX_2014_CCE_SoLo10S_Bascula_de_10_yd_115_yd_hr1TX2014CCE SoLo10SBascula de 10 yd115 yd/hrSilo de 40TTolva de Agregados de 25T

NUEVA 2014 SoLo 12yd Planta Dosificadora de Concreto (Semi-Portatil)

View More InformationTX_2014_CCE_SoLo12_Bascula_de_12_yd_Tolva_de_Agregados_de_66T1TX2014CCE SoLo12Bascula de 12 ydTolva de Agregados de 66T200yd3/hrP.O.R

NUEVA 2014 SoLo 5000 Planta Dosificadora de Concreto

View More InformationTX_2014_5000_65_yd_hr_Silo_de_40T1TX2014500065 yd/hrSilo de 40T2 tolvas

NUEVA 2014 SoLo 5LP Dosificadora de Concreto PORTATIL

View More InformationTX_2014_SoLo_5LP_100_yd3_hr_25T_agg_bin1TX2014SoLo 5LP100 yd3/hr25T agg bin133 BBL cement siloP.O.R

NUEVA SoLo 4C Totalmente Portatil Planta Dosificadora de Concreto de 6yds

View More InformationTX_2014_SoLo_4C_65yd_hr_Bascula_de_6yd1TX2014SoLo 4C65yd/hrBascula de 6ydUnidad totalmente contenerizada

NUEVA 2014 SoLo 6LP Dosificadora de Concreto PORTATIL

View More InformationTX_2014_SoLo_6LP_Bascula_de_6_yd_25T_tolva_de_agregados1TX2014SoLo 6LPBascula de 6 yd25T tolva de agregadosSELF ERECTING SYSTEMP.O.R

NUEVA 2014 SoLo 2530 Dosificadora de Concreto Portatil

View More InformationTX_2014_SoLo_2530__Tolva_de_Agregados_de_8_yd1TX2014SoLo 2530Tolva de Agregados de 8 ydPORTATILP.O.R

2012 Peak Innovations Series II: Immediate Delivery. Pugmill AND Batch Plant In ONE!

View More InformationTX_2012_Series_II__Available_to_Rent_OR_Buy!__Pugmill_AND_Concrete_Plant_in_one.1TX2012Series II Available to Rent OR Buy! Pugmill AND Concrete Plant in one.Fully Automated

Revolvedoras Usadas 6X4

2007 Cemco 220/3D Planta Dosificadora de Concreto

View More InformationTX_2007_220_3D_Silo_Aux_de_75T_Colector_de_Polvos1TX2007220/3DSilo Aux de 75TColector de PolvosCommand Alkon

Plantas de Concreto y Componentes (USADAS)

2006 Port-A-Pour Concrete Batch Plant

View More InformationTX_2006_Port-A-Pour_30_ton_Silo_1TX2006Port-A-Pour30 ton Silo

19XX Vince Hagan Concrete Batch Plant

View More InformationOK_19XX_Vince_Hagan_150yd_HR_1OK19XXVince Hagan150yd/HR

Revolvedoras Usadas 6X4


View More InformationTX_19XX_APPCO_10_YD_1TX19XXAPPCO10 YD

19xx Rex Concrete Batch Plant

View More InformationTX_19XX_Rex_5_yd_1TX19XXRex5 yd

19XX Vince Hagan 10yd, 200yd/hr Concrete Batch Plant

View More InformationTX_19XX_Vince_Hagan_10yd_1TX19XXVince Hagan10yd

Plantas de Concreto y Componentes (USADAS)

1998 Cemco 150 Self Erecting Concrete Batch Plant

View More InformationOK_1998_Cemco_150_13_yd_Rock_10_yd_Sand1OK1998Cemco 15013 yd Rock10 yd Sand

1994 Ross UniRover 12 YARD Concrete Batch Plant

View More InformationOK_1994_UniRover_12_YD_200_yds_hr1OK1994UniRover12 YD200 yds/hrSelf Erecting

1988 Vince Hagan con Mezclador Central Planta Dosificadora

View More InformationWI_1988_HT-CM10500D_Mezclado_Central_Colector_de_Polvos1WI1988HT-CM10500DMezclado CentralColector de PolvosCommand Alkon

Opciones Disponibles

19XX USED Central Dust Collector 6,000 CFM

View More InformationTX_UNK_C_W_Baghouse_Dust_Collector_6000_CFM1TXUNKC&WBaghouse Dust Collector6000 CFM

Revolvedoras Usadas 6X4

USED 110 Split Silo - Reconditioned

View More InformationTX_20XX_110_Split_Towable_1TX20XX110 SplitTowable

Portable Silo - 40 ton

View More InformationTX_20XX_40_ton__1TX20XX40 ton

KCE 5500 Dust Collector

View More InformationHouston_2015_KCE_5500_Dust_Collector_Houston2015KCE 5500Dust Collector

Concrete Cooling Conveyor

View More InformationCO_2014_Cool_Belt_250_CU_YD_HR_5CO2014Cool Belt250 CU YD HR

Opciones Disponibles

NUEVO Silo Portatil de 40 T

View More InformationTX_2013_SL40_Poratil_funciona_con_gasolina1TX2013SL40Poratilfunciona con gasolina

Plataformas de Acero para Camiones de Trabajo

View More InformationTexas_2013_Con_Sin_Cajas_de_Herramienta_Bola_para_Cullo_de_Ganso_con_Tapa_Luces5Texas2013Con/Sin Cajas de HerramientaBola para Cullo de Ganso con TapaLucesDiamond Plate Floor

NUEVO Silo Auxiliar de Cemento con garantia

View More InformationTX_2013_CEMCO__Auto-Eregible4TX2013CEMCOAuto-EregiblePortatilP.O.R.

Revolvedoras Usadas 6X4

2013 Troxell Cement Pigs Available for Rental, 4000 cuft (24 ea)

View More InformationAR_2013_Pig_Rentals_4000_cuft_24AR2013Pig Rentals4000 cuft

1996 Samsung SL-180-2 Front End Loader - 3 Yard

View More InformationAR_1996_Samsung__1AR1996Samsung

Case 621D with 3 Yard bucket S/N JEE0135288

View More InformationTX__621D_Erops_w_A_C_1TX621DErops w/A/C

Tractors - Volvo (2006, 2004, 2001)

View More InformationAR_2006_Volvo__6AR2006Volvo

Revolvedoras Usadas 6X4

Tractors-2006 Kenworth T800

View More Information_2006_Kenworth__12006Kenworth

4 Cubic Yd Concrete Mixer Trailer

View More InformationCO_2014_Peak__CO2014Peak

NEW Gauge End Dump Trailer - 34FT, 1/2 Round, 10 Gauge

View More InformationTX_2014_End_Dump_11000_lb_5TX2014End Dump11,000 lb

2013 Peak Cement Spreader Trailer

View More InformationCO_2013_Peak_Cement_Trailer5CO2013PeakCementTrailer

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