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Chaparral Concrete Equipment offers a large variety of used and new cement mixer trucks, portable concrete batch plants, concrete pump trucks, Trailerized Concrete Pumps, Used Tractors and used Trailers, used concrete batch plant components, and other equipment. We have several makes and models of used concrete mixer trucks including Mack, Mobile Mixers, MTM (McNeilus) mixer bodies, Oshkosh, IH, Peterbilt, FORD, CAT, 10 yard, 10.5 yard standard drums. We have several makes and models of Used Bridge/Booster Mixer Trucks including Mack, Housby, Freightliner, 11 yard, Dual Pushers, Bridgemaster. You will also find in our inventory Concrete Pump Trucks available including Putzmeister 36M, Schwing, and Reich RCP. Trailerized Concrete Pumps and New and Used Concrete Batch Plants and Components can also be found here.

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**Please make sure to contact Chaparral Concrete for the most current equipment inventory.
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Revolvedoras Usadas 6X4

2010 Mack Granite Concrete Mixer Truck - One Left, Hurry!

View More InformationTX_2010_Granite_CBMW_10.5yd_MP7-380HP1TX2010GraniteCBMW 10.5ydMP7-380HPEaton 9LL

2009 Freightliner Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2009_M2112B_MTM_10.5_YD_MBE_4000_350HP2TX2009M2112BMTM 10.5 YDMBE 4000 350HPEaton 9LL

2009 Kenworth T800 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2009_T800_MTM_10.5_Yd_CUM_ISL-3451TX2009T800MTM 10.5 YdCUM ISL-345Eaton 9LL

2007 Mack Granite CV713 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2007_CV713_MTM_10.5_Yd_EM7-300hp1TX2007CV713MTM 10.5 YdEM7-300hpMaxiTorque

2006 Mack Granite CV713 Concrete Mixer Trucks

View More InformationTX_2006_CV713_Beck_10.5_Yd_EM7-300hp2TX2006CV713Beck 10.5 YdEM7-300hpMaxiTorque

2006 Peterbilt 357 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2006_357_MTM_10.5_YD_CUM_ISM_350hp3TX2006357MTM 10.5 YDCUM ISM 350hpEaton 9LL

2006 Mack Granite CV713 w/10.5 yard McNeilus Mixer

View More InformationTX_2006_Mack_CV713_MTM_AMI_-_3701TX2006Mack CV713MTMAMI - 370MT TM309M

2005 Peterbilt 357 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2005_357_MTM_10.5_Yd_CUM_ISM_3502TX2005357MTM 10.5 YdCUM ISM 350Eaton 9LL

2005 Mack DM690 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2005_DM690_MTM_10.5_Yd_EM7_300hp1TX2005DM690MTM 10.5 YdEM7 300hpMaxiTorque

2005 Mack Granite CV713 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2005_CV713_MTM_10.5_Yd_AMI_-_3702TX2005CV713MTM 10.5 YdAMI - 370MaxiTorque

2005 Mack Granite CV713 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2005_CV713_MTM_10.5_Yd_EM7-300_1TX2005CV713MTM 10.5 YdEM7-300 MaxiTorque

2003 Mack Granite CV713 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2003_CV713_MTM_10.5_Yd_EM7-300hp1TX2003CV713MTM 10.5 YdEM7-300hpMaxiTorque

2002 Mack RD

View More InformationTX_2002_RD_690_MTM_EM7-300_1TX2002RD 690MTMEM7-300 T2080

2001 Mack RD690 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationNM_2001_RD690_MTM_10.5_YD_EM7_300hp1NM2001RD690MTM 10.5 YDEM7 300hpT2080

2000 Mack DM690 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_2001_DM690_MTM_10.5_Yd_EM7-300HP1TX2001DM690MTM 10.5 YdEM7-300HPT2080

1998 Mack DM 690S w/MTM 10.5 yard Standard Mixer

View More InformationTX_1998_Mack_DM690S_MTM_10.5_Std_EM7-3002TX1998Mack DM690SMTM 10.5 StdEM7-300T 2080

1997 Mack RD690 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX_1997_RD690_MTM_10.5_Yd_E7-300HP1TX1997RD690MTM 10.5 YdE7-300HPT2080

2012 IHC CBMW 11 yard BridgeSaver Mixer Truck

View More InformationTexas_2012_7600_CBMW_11_yd_Booster_MAXX_3901Texas20127600CBMW 11 yd BoosterMAXX 390AUTO RDS 4500Low Miles

2007 Pete 340 w/CBMW 11 yard BridgeSaver

View More InformationTexas_2007_Peterbilt_340_CBMW_11_yd_Booster_ISC_3151Texas2007Peterbilt 340CBMW 11 yd BoosterISC 315Eaton 8LL171,530 miles

2005 Mack Granite CV513 Concrete Mixer Truck with BridgeMaster

View More InformationTX_2005_CV513_MTM_11_yd_AMI-3351TX2005CV513MTM 11 ydAMI-335Eaton 9LL

2004 Mack Granite w/CBMW BridgeSaver

View More InformationTexas_2004_Mack_CV513_CBMW_11_yd_Booster_E7_3502Texas2004Mack CV513CBMW 11 yd BoosterE7 350Eaton 8LL

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